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Pros and cons of Instagram

The pros of Instagram are that it is low-cost, increases content, connects to other social networks, has strict privacy, has a user interface, has effective interaction, has business branding, has market potential, and many more. The cons of Instagram are image theft, collective privacy, false advertising, Instagram addiction, advertising that might be false, not optimized for the web, addictive, and not optimized for the web. So let us check it the pros and cons of Instagram to better understand about this topic.

Pros of Instagram | Advantages of Instagram

Low cost

The Instagram app is available for free download from the Google Play Store. Free registration and account creation are available to anyone. As a result, the program is accessible to everyone with a smartphone at any time.

Increase contacts

It is a social networking platform you can use to connect with friends and follow celebrities. Anyone who misses their old acquaintances can search for them on Instagram, and business owners can even set up profiles and ask for followers. The interaction between business executives and normal people can be improved in this way.

Connect to other social networks

Facebook and Twitter are often connected to Instagram.


People routinely share their company information, stories, images, and videos. People share their writing, tales, and a variety of other things on this platform to keep others up to date on what they are doing. Also, users may upload any type of information file on other social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Strict privacy

Instagram security features are impossible to go through, making it simple to keep your profile secret from followers.

User interface

Compared to Facebook, Instagram offers an attractive, well-organized interface. It enables you to effectively and efficiently organize your profile.

Effective interaction

Unlike Facebook, which offers unreliable features, Instagram offers photo sharing, filters, video and live stream elements that make interaction successful

Market potential

It has expanded as a result of the enormous number of people who have Instagram profiles where they sell their goods. Businesses today have greater market opportunities due to their capacity for product promotion and consumer demand research.

Business branding

Social media is the sole platform that is predominantly used for corporate branding. Entrepreneurs need to grab the public attention and meet their needs before they can sell or buy under their brand name.

Use the Instagram stories tool

Instagram debuted the stories feature, where you may share photographs and videos for 24 hours, similar to Snapchat. Within a day, you are allowed to add as many photos as you like and may use filters to customize the posted tales.

Share content

The app makes it simple to distribute professional content, pictures, videos, and creative articles to a large audience. Your post can be linked, commented on, and shared on other sites.

Regular updates

When you follow a prominent person on Instagram, you will always see new posts from them.

Build links

You can use this social networking site to follow famous and keep in touch with your friends. On Instagram, friends may be found by anybody who misses them and companies can set up accounts and solicit followers. With this method, relations between common people and business executives can be improved.

Features that can be customized

Before sharing your images on Instagram, you can edit them with a range of filters and geotags. You may choose who gets access to your images and how much privacy they have.

Cons of Instagram | Disadvantages of Instagram

Image Theft

Some people can steal professionally taken pictures published on Instagram for their personal advantage without permission.

Collective privacy

You cannot change the privacy settings for individual images. Either public or private settings are available.

False advertising

A  lot of new businesses use Instagram to market and promote their brands, and occasionally they may use the platform to spread false information to attract new customers and followers. Sometimes, phony advertising is made by someone to defraud a large number of people. Because of multiple fraudulent promotions, people no longer trust Instagram. Other businesses will consequently suffer.

Instagram addiction

Consumers have developed an addiction to the app, and even today, young people frequently use Instagram for leisure.  Because it could result in several issues, this addiction should be used with caution.

Features on Instagram are only accessible to certain users

Due to their lack of Android phones, many users are unable to use Instagram functions.

The issue with image stealing

The problem with image theft is that uploaded pictures run the risk of being taken by someone else and used for commercial benefit. This means that without the user’s consent, the photograph might be utilized for commercial purposes.

Some operating systems may not be appropriate

Only mobile devices running iOS, Windows Mobile, or Android may access and use Instagram. There is no mention of another mobile operating system like Linux or Blackberry.

Limited to photo sharing

Because Instagram is designed as a photo-sharing platform, users are only allowed to share photos on it. Videos can be included, but it is still short of Facebook in popularity.

Instagram is extremely addictive

Instagram is extremely addictive, especially for the younger generation. They can spend hours looking at other people’s images, even when they aren’t posting their own.

Not optimized for web

Because Instagram is only available as an app, the web version is cluttered. Web photographs seem bad compared to Facebook since they are not optimized for every shape.

There are fewer features on the web version

The web edition of Instagram has less functionality than the Instagram mobile app.

Create fake life

Platforming is used to create phony lives by those who wish to become famous. To gain more followers and overnight fame, they can publish a false photo.

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