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Pros and Cons of Macbook Air

You’ve to decide you want a MacBook, but the question of MacBook Air or MacBook Pro? We can help you make the right choice for your needs. Here this article gives the Pros and Cons of MacBook Air to better understand about this topic.

Pros of MacBook Air | Advantages of MacBook Air

  1. Long Battery Life

One of the biggest advantages of MacBook Air for students is its long battery life. In the 14 hours laptop mag battery test, which featured constant WIFI use, it stayed up decently. Only a select few computers offer such an impressive battery life. This information could prove invaluable for students or faculty members who rely on their laptops throughout the day without frequent access to charging outlets.

2. The Retina Display

The MacBook Air boasts an exceptionally sharp display, With 4 million pixels add a resolution of 2500 * 1600.  Compared to its predecessors, the 2018 MacBook Air comes in 40% more colors. Additionally the text is excellent and quite incisive. The display’s boarders are 50% thinner which leads to a better display.

3. Light and Thin

The thin and light and design of the MacBook Air is one of its main selling points. It weight 2.96 pounds and has a thickness of 0.68 inches. Again, since this laptop won’t add to the weight of their textbooks, it might be useful for students who have to carry a laptop around all day. The fact that it is more portable makes it a benefits for corporate professionals wherever they travel.

4. Inside Commodities Storage

Internal SSD available in both 11 and 13 inch MacBook Air versions is another selling feature. 128 GB of flash storage is available. This is a benefit because internal storage based on SSDs is 25-100 times faster than conventional hard disk drives. Enhancing both device speed and lifespan. As a result, file transfers are faster and boot times are reduced. Due to the lack of moving parts, as SSD is also more robust.

Cons of MacBook Air | Disadvantages of MacBook Air

  1. Expensive Cost

The MacBook Air’s pricing is one of its main disadvantages. The recent MacBook Air model is available for $1249. A MacBook Air is not the only alternative available for less money that has comparable. If not better, specifications. It is best to explore different options if you are on a tight budget.

2. Absence of a touch screen

Student studying graphic design or anyone else who need a touch screen to finish tasks quickly can benefit from having one. You’ll probably want a MacBook Air and an iPad if you want something to write papers on, take nots in class or watch films in bed. It may be beneficial to explore alternative options, as this could potentially lead to an increase in cost. There are additional choices available.

3. An Antiquated CPU

A college student in search of a laptop will probably desire a device that can endure throughout their entire college journey. An intel 5th generation core series processor powers the MacBook Air from 2015. While an Intel 7th generation core series processors powers the MacBook air from 2017. If you only uses for the MacBook will be for web browsing, document editing, email checking and social media, you should consider other solutions.

4. Little Hardware Update

The limited hardware upgradeability of a MacBook Air is another disadvantages. Prior to purchase, customizations are possible. But there isn’t any additional space for future upgrades of the CPU, memory or storage. If you need or want customization after purchasing there are alternative solutions available, such as windows.

5. USB type C is absent

The MacBook Air is devoid of thunderbolt 3 or type C connections and only features normal USB type A ports. USB Type C connector provide singe wire data transmission to multiple monitors, charging of the laptops, and data transfer to peripherals. The fact that future accessories will have USB Type C ports that are incompatible with the Air makes this a drawbacks.


Looking at these pros and Cons, it is clear that a MacBook Air is not suitable for everyone. A MacBook air is the best options if you’re corporate executive or a student on a tight budget and need a stylish, light, thin and portable, Long battery life computer. There is also have disadvantages of MacBook Air are it is expensive in a cost, and Limited hardware update. If money is tight, there are a number of solutions available on the market that provide a laptop with better specs at a more affordable price.

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