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Health benefits of papaya seeds

The important health benefits of papaya are unequivocally known to all. Like many other fruits skin of papaya is also covered encloses a number of seeds. The taste of these seeds is bitter if we accidentally bite them. But does that mean they are not supposed to be eaten? Some experts suggest that papaya seeds […]

Health benefits of papaya leaves

Papaya leaves are a good drug for several major and dangerous diseases like Dengue-Malaria, even Cancer, and Diabetes. Papaya leaves juice can increase platelets within the body. In addition to that, it can produce other properties that help in fighting diseases. Let us check out the important health benefits of papaya leaves. You can also […]

Health benefits of papaya

health benefits of papaya

Papayas come from the genus carioca and are native to southern Mexico, but are now grown all over the world in tropical countries. Unripened green papayas have some wonderful health benefits which can aid your body in many different ways. Green papayas contain many more live enzymes than the ripe version of the fruit including […]