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Devops methodology advantages and disadvantages

A development team collaborates with an operations team in DevOps. Several organizations are considering converting their systems to digital. In addition, the first impact of DevOps can be seen in the workforce through the use of various tools. As a result development time will be reduced, product releases will be more frequent, deployment will be […]

Advantages and disadvantages of waterfall model

The waterfall model is a sequential methodology for software development that splits it into predefined phases. Each phase must be complete before the next phase with no overlap between the phases. The waterfall model was first introduced in 1970 by Winston Royce. The best idea you can get from the below diagram. Let us check […]

Advantages and disadvantages of agile methodology

There are many advantages of using agile methodology over the old waterfall methodology. Agile development methodologies have had a positive impact on many firms. In addition, there are two models used in agile methodology one is Agile Scrum and the second one is Kanban. Let us check out some advantages and on the other side […]