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Pros and Cons of PHP

PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the most popular programming language that extensively used and utilized for building dynamic websites and web applications. The primary advantages of  PHP is that it is  extremely scalable, free to use, open source, easy to use, support of community, lightning speed. It has also some drawback of PHP is that it is Limited debagging tool, security issue, can’t modify core behavior, Less versatility. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of PHP to help you make an informed decision for your next web development applications.

Pros of PHP | Advantages of PHP

  1. PHP is platforms independent. Applications built with PHP can operate on any OS, including Windows, Linux, and UNIX.
  2. PHP is reliable, user Fridley, and efficient.
  3. PHP is more stable for a few years with the assistance of providing continuous support to various versions.
  4. PHP is versatile, it allows integration with database and various programming language such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  5. Another advantages of PHP is fastest scripting language, which allows developers to see the effects of the changes or modifications immediately. It van provide rapid result compared to other language.
  6. The popularity of PHP languages gave rise to various communities of developers a fraction of which may be potential candidates for hire.
  7. PHP has help in managing code easily.
  8. It can work with database like MYSQL, SQLite, , mongo Db, ODBC.
  9. When we use the language of PHP, it does not need to depend on web browsers. Instead, the PHP programmed that are created for it are executed by web servers.
  10. Another advantages of PHP has less learning curve because it is very simple and straightforward to use. Working with PHP is simple for someone with C programming experience.
  11. The most important advantages of PHP has powerful library support to use various function modules for data representation.
  12. PHP is platform independent, it can work with windows, Linux and MAC.
  13. It has built in database connection modules help in connecting databases easily reducing trouble and time for the development of web application and content based sites.

Cons of PHP | Disadvantages of PHP

  1. PHP is not suitable for gaint content based web applications.
  2. Another disadvantages of PHP is it is not that secure due to its open source, because the ASCII text file is often easily available.
  3. It has frameworks aren’t equivalent in behavior so does their performance and features.
  4. Most of the PHP developer have about is its limited debugging tools. It handles errors poorly, especially when compared to other scripting languages.
  5. PHP has highly tough to manage because it’s not competent modular. It already replicates several of the Java language’s characteristics.
  6. It has doesn’t allow change or modification in the core behavior of online applications.
  7. PHP has limitations while developing big applications, maintenance and updating are complicated in PHP as is it not highly modular.
  8. PHP has lacks debugging tools, which are needed to look for errors and warnings. PHP has less debugging tool in comparison to other programming languages.
  9. PHP has a weak type, which can cause incorrect data and knowledge to users.
  10. PHP updates changes the parameters, functions, and return values.
  11. Their frameworks got to learn to use PHP built in functionalities to avoid writing additional code.
  12. PHP frameworks and tools causes poor performance of online applications.
  13. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can not be incorporated with PHP codes.
  14. The bugs and issues cannot be resolved quickly.

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