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Pros and cons of Communism

Communism is one form of government, and its citizens live in a very different way than we do in the US. Everyone in the US works for what they own. You will be rewarded if you work hard. You won’t have much if you don’t. Everyone in the US who purchases a home or properly becomes the owner of it. So here this article gives the pros and cons of communism to better understand this topic.

Advantages or Pros of communism:

  1. Communism may aid in closing the gap between the rich and the poor.
  2. It avoids corporate monopolies.
  3. The absence of classes may alleviate the problem of minorities facing discrimination.
  4. Communism has the potential to reduce social tensions in a society.
  5. It is possible that a country’s overall safety level will improve.
  6. Assurance of medical equipment supply.
  7. The food supply is secure.
  8. Everyone is employed.
  9. Improvements to the educational infrastructure.
  10. An important infrastructure investment.
  11. Small elites’ goals are less important than social goals.
  12. Reduced unemployment rates.
  13. Everyone has received an education.
  14. Everyone is given the same opportunity.

Disadvantages or Cons of communism:

  1. From a historical standpoint, communism is problematic.
  2. People may choose to migrate to other countries.
  3. This can lead to a very limited view of the world.
  4. Government funds could be spent inefficiently.
  5. Sovereign default.
  6. Currency problem.
  7. freedom of speech may be confined.
  8. Self-fulfillment may not be possible.
  9. The overall level of freedom is confined.
  10. Less incentive to work hard.
  11. Difficult to accumulate wealth.
  12. Limited earnings.
  13. It often results in poverty.
  14. Communism may deter international investors.
  15. The free market is no longer functional.
  16. Violence is often the only option for expressing one’s dissatisfaction.
  17. Individual rights are restricted.
  18. Employment may go up but meaningful employment goes down.

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