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Pros and cons of online banking

Pros and cons of online banking

The definition of online banking is managing your bank accounts with a computer or mobile device. It can involve deposits, transfers of funds from one account to another, and electronic bill payments. Customers of traditional banks may usually access their accounts on the internet as well. Yet, mobile access is the primary benefit of online […]

Benefits of payment gateway

Gateway is a kind of networking device that interconnects two devices in different networks so that they can communicate with each other. It acts as a gate for another network. So here this article gives the benefits of payment gateway to better understand this topic. Benefits of payment gateway: It is secure and reliable real-time […]

Apple pay benefits

Apple Pay is a mobile contactless payment system that uses the inbuilt NFC chip on an Iphon, Ipad or Apple watch. The wallet saves eight to twelve cards on the device, which can be used to make purchases at stores. So here this article gives the apple pay benefits to better understand this topic, Benefits […]

Stripe benefits | Pros and cons of Stripe

Stripe benefits

A stripe is an Irish-American financial service provider as well as in software businesses. The company have dual headquarter in San Fransisco, and another one is at Dublin, Ireland. In addition, stripe provides payment processing software like payment gateway and application programming interface for an e-commerce website or mobile application development. Therefore, let us check […]

Venmo pros and cons | Advantages

Pros and cons of venmo

A mobile-based social commerce network that allows users to send money through all forms of transactions. It assists with bookkeeping and collecting customer feedback. The ability to incorporate tailored incentives and a cashback experience increase customer loyalty. So here this article gives the Venmo pros and cons to better understand this topic. Pros of Venmo: […]

PayPal pros and cons | Advantages

Benefits of paypal

Thousands of retailers are using PayPal to cater to millions of consumers using the same platform around the globe., PayPal is commonly referred to as the most trusted and accessible method. So here this article gives the pros and cons of PayPal to better understanding this topic. Pros of PayPal: It is easy to setup […]

Advantages and disadvantages of UPI

Advantages and disadvantages of UPI

UPI stands for unified payment interface, it is a unique user ID that bank uses to accomplish real-time money transactions. The national payments corporation of India set up by the reserve bank of India and the Indian banks association back UPI. It facilitates the transfer the money between bank accounts and interconnectivity through IMPS, which […]

Advantages and disadvantages of ATM

Advantages and disadvantages of ATM

ATM stands for automated teller machines, it is an electro-mechanical machine that consists of automated banking platforms that allow the client to perform a smooth transaction without the assistance of a branch representative or teller. A debit card or credit cardholder should be able to withdraw cash at most ATMs. ATM is beneficial in allowing […]