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How are the QR codes unique?

Some points on how QR code unique OR How QR code differs from other scannable codes are as follows. You can also check out the advantages and disadvantages of QR code to know more about it. How QR code differ from other scannable codes? The most common form of code that most people see is […]

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Advantages and disadvantages of QR Code What is the use of the QR Code? Difference between Barcode and QR Code What are the benefits of the QR Code in payment? Advantages of QR Code over Barcode Positive and negative aspects of QR Code Why QR code is better than Barcode? What are the benefits of […]

What is the uses of QR code?

QR codes are easy to use anywhere and anyplace. It can be easily created with a free QR code generator and can be just as easily read from any direction with a simple smartphone application, apple phone or a dedicated 2D barcode scanner. Now let us discuss some uses of QR code in these articles. […]