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Pros and cons of democracy | Advantages

Democracy is a form of government established by the people themselves, in which they have the power to choose who governs them. In many Western countries, democracy is the foundation of human freedom and economic success. However, there are some cons to democracy. So, in order to better understand this subject, this article lists the pros and cons of democracy.

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Pros of democracy | Advantages:

  1. Low level of inequality.
  2. Strengthening of individual opportunities.
  3. Religious freedom.
  4. Assurance of human rights.
  5. Educational rights and opportunities.
  6. Freedom in cultural values.
  7. Participation in elections.
  8. Empowerment of people.
  9. Power decentralization.
  10. Low levels of discrimination.
  11. High level of freedom.
  12. Participation in elections.
  13. Change political power after a certain period of time.
  14. Democracy can avoid wars.
  15. The structure of democracy works to reduce issues with exploitation.
  16. It encourages centrism more than extremism.
  17. A democracy transitions power smoothly while establishing legitimacy.
  18. There is more consistency valuable in a democracy than in other government structures.
  19. People become more patriotic as they identify with their government.
  20. Democracy-based countries are less likely to engage in military conflicts.
  21. Companies are more willing to invest in countries that are democratic.
  22. Democracies help to promote trade.
  23. In a constructive way, a democracy promotes equality.
  24. Economically, democracies tend to expand faster than other forms of government.
  25. Democracy does not provide a centralized power base from which the people can be ruled.
  26. After a certain period of time, political control shifts.
  27. Democracies allow citizens to participate in their government on a more personal level.
  28. Democracies enable citizens to participate in their government on personal level.

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Cons of democracy | Disadvantages:

  1. Political inefficiencies can get expensive.
  2. Democracy may slow down important decisions.
  3. Too many unnecessary can get expensive.
  4. Politicians may act in an opportunistic manner.
  5. Minorities may be left behind.
  6. Donations may determine election outcomes.
  7. Politicians may lie to get more votes.
  8. Short-term thinking of politicians.
  9. Elections may be expensive.
  10. A voter may lack information.
  11. Democracy can encourage mob rule.
  12. Politicians often do not fear any sentences.
  13. Corruption issues.
  14. People may vote slowly in their own interest.
  15. Economics vs social interest due to lobbying.
  16. Gridlock occurs frequently in democratic structures.
  17. Democratic governments follow the chicken in every pot system.
  18. The price of democracy is something that many people are unaware of.
  19. The majority’s will determines the structure of democracy.
  20. Without voter education on governing decisions, democracy is unsuccessful.
  21. Individual voters can be required to support an entire mandate on a single subject.

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