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Advantages and disadvantages of Hadoop What is the use of Hadoop? Why is Hadoop important?

Why is Hadoop important? Importance of Hadoop

Hadoop is the favourite of all solution of the Big Data. Some points on why are Hadoop important are as follows. You also check out the advantages and disadvantages of Hadoop to know more about it. Points on Why Hadoop important? Flexibility Unlike conventional relational databases, data need not be pre-processed until it is stored. […]

What are the uses of Hadoop? | Hadoop uses

Hadoop is an open-source Java-based framework is used for storing and processing big data. It is very useful for big business because it is based on a cheap server. So it required less cost to store the data and processing the data. Now let us discuss some uses of Hadoop in this article. You can […]

Advantages and disadvantages of hadoop

Advantages and disadvantages of hadoop

Hadoop is one kind of open-source software utility collection for performing computations on a large amount of data. It provides a software framework for multiple storages in various locations and processes them using MapReduce technology. Hadoop processes the various structured and unstructured to collect, process and analyze big data. Let us check out some important […]