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Benefits of social media in communication

Social media has never made communication so fun by offering fun, cool text, quick messaging, the ability to comment and like on photos, geotags, and much more. This is why so many people enjoy using different platforms to communicate different things. You have use apps like Facebook and Instagram to post your favourite photos allowing all your friends and followers to see. Then have apps like twitter to post your thought and opinions all in 240 characters or less. So that has many more benefits of using social media for communication. So here this article gives information about the benefits of social media in communication so a better understanding of this topic.

Social media benefits communication:

  • Faster decision making

Employees can quickly communicate problems without waiting for the next meeting to happen because they can instantly see or watch who is online. Thus makes decision making faster, which can improve profit and productivity.

  • Greater recognition for employees

Employee satisfaction is another most important aspect that can be boosted with internal communication systems. It is easier to give immediate feedback after a project and work have been reviewed. Additionally, updates about the quality of the work employees can be highlighted to the entire organization.

  • Easier collaboration on projects

Many projects depend on work from several different individuals. Instead of trying to schedule a meeting where everyone involved can participate. They also check internal communication platforms that allow employees to track and record all progress in one place where everyone can access it, use it, and help expedite projects.

  • Reach to the employees

One more difficulty is the employer has is reaching a diverse audience of employees. Social media helps companies expand their reach. Some employees may still expect printed material, may prefer reading a post online or watching the video. Considering the number of personal time employees spend daily on social networks, it makes sense to target them there, too.

  • Budget

Budget can be another hurdle for benefit communication effort and social media is a way for employers to do more with less.

  • Big platform

Benefit communication must encompass many topics. Employers need to promote open enrollment, educate employees to abut plan change, explain how to use the plan, promote consumerism, and more. Social media help break down this overload of information into easy to digest posts and reminders- in a place employees are already spending time.

  • Positing update

Posting updates year-round can provide valuable reminder employees about using their benefits wisely.

  • Two-way communication

Social media offer two-way communication, so employees can easily ask equations about their benefits or interact with other employees.


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