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Benefits of social media in education

In the case of the students, these effects are more visible and rampant than were in previous generations. Naturally, some of this effect is positive and some of them are negative. A critical understanding of both types of effect that accrues from the use of these platforms is paramount since they shape so much of a student’s life.  In this article discuss the social media benefits education for students use in educator for school and college. You also check out the advantages and disadvantages of social media to better understand this topic.

Advantages or Benefits of social media use in education:

  • Educational tool

Social media can prove to be a useful education tool in college learning. The social media connection by using Webinars, online forums, zoom, and other such platforms can foster collaboration and discussions, create meaningful dialogue, help exchange ideas, and boost the learning experience. A student today come to college well equipped with the knowledge of the internet and social media.

  • Networking

Social media is the easiest way for students to build their networks in college, school, tuition, etc. Friend, college, associates everyone can be found easily connected through the means of using social media.

  • New updates

Social media sites are on the go news platform for all students and all children. From keeping them well informed about the lives of their friends and family it also keeps them updated on various trending news from around the all-around the world. One look at the news feed they have Snapchat job opening, new technology development, new updates from around the world.

  • Sharing study materials

On the best example of the WhatsApp class group. Students, as well as teachers, the principle can share some of the coursework and material they have with others by pressing the send key. In addition, this makes things extremely convenient access to this material improved. After the school children are able to these materials everywhere they go since they always have their phone with them.

  • Employment Opportunities

In spite of a student finishing his/her degree, it is free very difficult for them to get a job. Social media helps them to grab opportunities. Many companies update about opening in their social media accounts. The student following these companies on social media can apply by sending them their resumes. In addition, LinkedIn is one of those social media platforms, where students apply extensively for internships and jobs.

  • Parental involvement

Social media help the parents stay involved in the child learning. Via the school twitter or Facebook feed parents can be updated on school-related activities, projects, and events that are happening. The school teacher can contact parents in case they wish to share the progress report of the child via skype or other secure online platforms used by the institutions. Additionally, The use of social media networks for parents can be created too via Whatsapp, or Facebook messenger, which can enable them to be informed about school matters, learning, and education.


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