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Advantages and disadvantages of autocratic leadership

The word of Autocratic leadership the word make a negative impact when we hear. This is really unbelievable but autocratic leadership also has some benefits and advantages. Autocratic leaders typically make decisions on the basis of their thoughts and beliefs, and seldom consider guidance from followers. So here this article gives the pros and cons of autocratic leadership are listed below.

Key points of Advantages of autocratic leadership Highlights below:

  1. It allows for a fast decision to be made.
  2. The decision can be made faster with this leadership style.
  3. It improves overall communication.
  4. It improves productivity.
  5. Removes employee stress.
  6. Motivation and reward for leaders
  7. Effective where a chain of command is crucial
  8. A strong chain of command

Let us understand one by one highlighted points of advantages of autocratic leadership in detail below.

  • It allows for a fast decision to be made

Autocratic leadership is established within the organizational structure. So, there are fewer levels of administration that need to be kept informed of each and every decision. This improves speed decisions because only one person wants the pros and cons of each choice, not the suite.

  • A decision can be made faster with this leadership style

This style of leadership does not address the challenges of the various layers of leadership. They are not required to wait for feedback from the difficulties of multiple levels of leadership. This style is not required to wait for feedback from the senior manager or to consult the leadership team. There is just one person in charge. That means that a decision is made on the timetable of the leader and no one else. So the advantages that team members can continue the project, and remove obstacles that could negatively impact their overall productivity.

  • It improves overall communication

When there are multiple levels of leadership within an organization environment. The order from the top is like a childhood phone game. Each level of management can purposely put their own spin on the communication that comes from the leadership.

  • It improves productivity

The autocratic leaders are move information throughout an organization quickly because there are fewer delays in productivity. Workers are less likely to delay their assignments or ask for later deadlines, and instead obtain prompt decisions and updates from their leadership.

  1. It removes employee stress

While an autocratic leader can have a challenging personality, most of the workers tend to work in an atmosphere in which they have clear expectations. So Even workers who like to explore creative or unique solutions don’t mind an autocratic leader. But when they allowed to pitch new ideas or they offer an alternative decision based on their personal experience.

  • Motivation and reward for leaders

This style provides strong motivation and reward for the leader. This leadership style is most effective for most of the leaders.

  • Effective where a chain of command is crucial

Most effective in an organization where a chain of command is crucial. Example: Organizations such as military and air force.

  • A strong chain of command

Strict control and establishment of a chain of command are possible.

Disadvantages of autocratic style:

  1. People dislike it, especially if it is extreme and the motivational style is totally negative.
  2. Managers are poor motivators and employees hardly show creativity and judgment. So, this leadership tends to affect performance.
  3. Frustration, tension, low morale quickly develop in autocratic leadership. The subordinates feel that they work as they have to do.
  4. Autocratic is responsible for any communication problems within an organization or team.
  5. An autocratic leader might fail or lose to keep up with modern trends.
  6. This style destroys the morale of the team.
  7. Autocratic discourages creativity among the members of the team.


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