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Difference between manager and leader

This article might help you to understand the difference between leader and manager, take a read. Also, find out some advantages and disadvantages related to leadership to learn more about leadership.

Difference between leader and manager:

  • Mangers set goals but leaders set a vision.
  • The manager usually thinks short terms but leader thing long terms.
  • The manager supervises their team but leader coaches them.
  • Managers are authoritative but leaders are charismatic.
  • The manager maintains the status quo, while the leader is in favor of the change.
  • Managers don’t want to get out of their comfort zone, the leader takes risks.
  • The manager is more concerned with the process bit the leader cares mainly about results.
  • The manager blames the team but the leader understands that if the team falls short, he is responsible.
  • Manager process focused but leaders are people-focused.
  • A mere manager sees only title or organizational charts but the leader thinks of people as people.
  • Managers want to be liked but the leader wants to earn respect.
  • Manager parcel out information as if it costs him personally but the leader empowers people with honesty and transparency.

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