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Why is democratic leadership style most effective?

The democratic leadership style is most effective as we see it is used by many leaders. Now in this article, we will learn some situations where a democratic leadership style is most effective. You also check out the advantages and disadvantages of democratic leadership to know more about it.

Situations where a democratic leadership style most effective:

  1.  The group members are skilled and enter to share their knowledge by works best in situations
  2. Enable the team to provide feedback before making a decision, although the degree of feedback can vary from leader to leader.
  3. This leads to higher job satisfaction and productivity.
  4. Encourage friendship and good relationship throughout the organization.
  5. It helps people to feel valued when their opinions are solicited. In addition, even more so if those opinions are incorporated into a final decision or policy.
  6. Lead to higher job satisfaction and productivity.
  7. Effective where quality is more important than output or productivity.
  8. Effective in a consulting environment when the focus is to explore the processes and possibilities in-depth to fix problems or processes.
  9. Encourage creativity and level of engagement and commitment.
  10. Effective for creative groups like advertising and design as they need innovative ideas to create new concepts and design.
  11. Effective in the service industry to faster new ideas meeting changing customer demands.

We must also understand some weakness before we implement it. So now we can check out the weakness of this style below.

A weakness of the democratic leadership style:

  1. Participative leadership is not usually effective in situations of crisis since the speed of response is vital. In these cases and again the decision-making process can be slower.
  2. This type of leadership slows down the decision making process. Having more people participate in this process and listening to be opinions of everyone can take time. Which is oddly enough can be frustrating to participants.
  3. The lack of experience in making decisions of most of the members of a team with a participative leader. This can result in tedious and confusing decision making processes that come up with solutions that are not as effective to handle the original problem.
  4. A democratic leader is open to listening to all proposals and must be able to dismiss those that can not be used to solve the problem properly. Employees presenting their ideas might feel frustrated if they do not make use of those ideas, the leader must use the right tone to lighten the mood of employees thinking like their ideas are dispensable.

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