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Advantages Disadvantages of Transformational Leadership

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of transformational leadership are discussed below. So let us check it out its advantages and disadvantages to learn more about leadership.

Advantages of Transformational Leadership:

  1. It encourages ongoing learning and development.
  2. It is a leadership style that engages the full person.
  3. Transformational leadership lowers turnover costs.
  4. It promotes enthusiasm.
  5. The transformational leader asks the important questions.
  6. It allows for a quick formulation of vision.
  7. People are treated as individuals.
  8. Transformational leaders seek to avoid coercion.
  9. It uses inspiration to motivate people.
  10. It reduces turn over costs.
  11. Leadership style can take pride in the outcomes achieved.
  12. It is a leadership style that focuses heavily on ethics.
  13. High productivity can be guaranteed in this kind of theory.
  14. It quickly changes low morale situations.
  15. Transformational leaders understand relationships.
  16. High output efficiency.
  17. It forms new expectations in follower since leadership is proactive,
  18. Promotes morale through better communication.
  19. This style will likely develop future leaders from a lot of followers.

Disadvantages of Transformational Leadership:

  1. That may ignore certain protocols.
  2. Transformational leaders can develop negative outcomes.
  3. There must be continual communication available.
  4. This style can lead to employee burnout.
  5. It carries the potential for abuse.
  6. This style may be risky and descriptive.
  7. That can might overlook reality and truth.
  8. Serious detailed challenges may be faced.
  9. Transformational leaders are not always detail-oriented.
  10. The risk taken through transformational leadership can be disruptive.
  11. A transformational leader needs a follower to agree with them.
  12. That can focus on deception.
  13. It requires a continuous feedback loop.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding our article on the advantages and disadvantages of transformational leadership then do comment in the comment section below.

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