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Advantages and disadvantages of big data

Before we continue this biggest discussion about what are the benefits and drawbacks of big data. We need to understand big data in this topic, but let us first understand what is data? Data can be described as the numbers or statistics that a computer can store in use. Before that, we need to learn what is big data? Big data is a term used to describe the collection of large and complex datasets. That makes it extremely difficult to manage using legacy applications for data processing. So now let us discuss the advantages of big data and its disadvantages to better understand this topic.

Advantages of Big Data:

  1. Understanding and targeting customers. Also, understanding and optimizing business processes. It built trust with new clients.
  2. One platform carries unlimited information. Therefore, it helps to structure incoming data.
  3. It improves sports performance. In addition, It also used in financial trading, sports, polling, etc.
  4. To increases your overall efficiency and productivity. Therefore, increase the growth of all businesses thus you compete with big businesses.
  5. Analysis of the data will benefit from creative solutions. However, the second edition is made.
  6. It improves health care and similarly public health. In addition to that, improving science and research.
  7. Big data is supporting Artificial Intelligence development.
  8. Control online reputation tools can do sentiment analysis.
  9. Big data quickly recognizes the error. Additionally, fraud detection is one of the biggest advantages of Big Data.
  10. It allows you to focus on local preferences.
  11. Big data were used to optimize pricing.
  12. Taking use of big data means that you hire the right employees.
  13. The speed of often the collection is to fast.
  14. Empower online business and digital ecosystem.
  15. Anyone can access vast information through surveys and provide a reaction to any question.
  16. Big data allows you to diversify your revenue streams. In addition, the analysis of big data will give you trend data that can help you come up with a whole new revenue system.
  17. Testing and simulation of new manufacturing processes.

Disadvantages of Big Data:

  1. Correlation error.
  2. Lots of big data is unstructured.
  3. Sometimes the possibility of a chance of failure.
  4. Big data analysis is in violation of privacy standards.
  5. Traditional storage can cost a lot of money to store big data.
  6. It can be used for the manipulation of customer records.
  7. The big data analysis result is misleading sometimes. In addition, it may increase social stratification.
  8. Speedy updates in big data will mismatch real figures.
  9. Big data is difficult to handle.
  10. Faces difficulties in parsing and interpreting.
  11. Big data analysis is not useful in the short run. In addition, it needs to be analyzed for a longer duration to leverage its benefits.
  12. Big data can be used for manipulating customers.
  13. Big data is not useful in the short run.


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