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Advantages and disadvantages of free rein leadership

This style of leadership also called as the laisse fair leadership. In addition, this style it may be said that there is no leadership, it is free from the environment. The leader allows maximum freedom to their subordinates. However, the performance standards are set to be done and subordinates are allowed to work creatively to meet expectations. But it gives complete freedom as well to the subordinates and their subordinates give the decision by themselves. They are given a free hand in deciding their own policies and method. Now let us discuss with the advantages and disadvantages of free rein style of leadership to better understand this topic.

Benefits or Advantages of free rein leadership style:

  1. The main characteristics of free rein leadership are provided maximum scope for the development of subordinates.
  2. Full utilization of the potential of subordinates.
  3. This style is free from the environment.
  4. It gives the chance to take initiative to the subordinates.
  5. Maximum deployment of the employees.
  6. Positive effect on job satisfaction and morale of subordinates.
  7. It is helpful in the development of enterprises.
  8. This style is useful for the development of the self-confidence of their subordinates. In addition, you should know when to use this style?
  9. This style is provided with a high level of motivation to their subordinates. In addition, This style is used when people are highly motivated so free rein leadership style is most effective.

Drawbacks or Disadvantages of free rein leadership style:

  1. Subordinates do not get the support of the leader.
  2. Subordinates move in different directions as there is a lack of guidance.
  3. Lack of importance of the managerial post.
  4. Most of the people avoid their responsibility.
  5. This style is a high degree of risk.
  6. Disorganized management.
  7. No proper direction is provided.
  8. Under this style of leadership, there is no leadership to all.
  9. Subordinates may move in different directions for different purposes. Therefore, they may work at cross purposes which may create a problem for the institute.
  10. The contribution of leaders is ignored.
  11. Team sprit  affected due to non coopration.
  12. It is difficult in co-operation.
  13. Employes do not get clear and support the leader.
  14. This style can be a disaster if the manager does not know all the competence. However, the integrity of his people and their ability to handle this kind of freedom.

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