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How does autocratic leadership affect performance?

The autocratic leadership style prevents the use of creative ideas to problem-solving. This style leads to higher productivity but in the long run, lack of initiative and institutional squabble are common. Here this article gives information about how does autocratic leadership affect the performance? You also check out the advantages and disadvantages of autocratic leadership to know more about it.

How does autocratic leadership affect performance?

  • Autocratic leadership style only one person has the full authority and power over the followers and workers. The autocratic leader has full control of those around him and also believes and trusts to have the complete authority to treat them as he wants. This is useful when immediate and quick and urgent decision and performance is required.
  • Autocratic leadership style, all the decision-making power are centralized and remain in the hand of leader, as with dictators. This leader does not welcome any suggestion and initiative from the follower side. It has not been successful as it does not provide strong motivation to the manager and employees.  These leaders don’t take any type of consult from their employees. They believe that leaders only have to take also known as authoritarian leadership.
  • The autocratic sty;e may show great results in a short time of period. The people either get boarded and dissatisfied and leave or fall into a malaise of humdrum repetitive tasks without creativity and innovation, in short, become demotivated.
  • The autocratic leader makes the decision with little or no involvement from the employees. these types of leaders are more confident, more sure about, and also more comfortable with the decision making the responsibility for the strategic plans and company operating.  So the leader displays less creativity and a more contemporary style.
  • Autocratic leadership style promotes a one-sided conversion and due to this the creative. The leadership skills of the employees become restrictive and all are involved in repetitive work of daily activities. As leaders have authority, there is a chance of exploitation and distortion of the employees. This style restricts workplace communication and socialization.


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