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What are characteristics of leadership?

This article might help you to understand the characteristics of leadership. Also, find out some advantages and disadvantages related to leadership to learn more about leadership.

Key points highlighted on characteristics of leadership:

  • Morale issues:

Unhappy but getting on with it. In addition, the loss of goodwill being encoded by the changes.

  • Workload:

Loss of experienced staff, staff reduction combined with increased demand.

  • Uncertainty:

Concern about hidden agents. Additionally, The threat of restructuring and job security.

  • Inspiring:

A leader always inspires their team through their actions.

  • Interpersonal process:

Leadership is the interpersonal process in which a manager is into influencing and guiding workers towards the attainment of goals.

  • Good qualities:

It denotes a few qualities in person which include intelligence, maturity, and personality.

  • Direction and focus:

The strategic direction of the organization. In addition, the risk of unclear priorities, indecision, and changing of goalposts.

  • Leadership:

Strong and clear leadership needed more than ever.

  • Situation bound:

A leader is a situation bound. In addition, there is no best style of leadership. It all depends upon tackling the situations.

  • Group process:

Leadership is a group process. Therefore, it involves two more people interacting with each other.

  • Strong communication:

Effective communication is also an important factor taken into consideration while deciding a good leader.

  • Flexible:

An effective leader will adapt to new situations, doing his OR her best to adjust.


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