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Advantages and disadvantages of flipkart

Flipkart is India’s largest online megastore and often called Indias amazon. Flipkart initially focused on online book sales before expanding to a variety of categories such as electronics, beauty and health care, gaming, mobile phones, computers, hair care, home and kitchen, personal care, and so on. Let us check out the advantages and disadvantages of Flipkart here in this article.

Pros or Advantages of Flipkart:

  1. Flipkart has a wide range of Blu-ray and 3D movies, flyte music downloads, games available.
  2. It offers a good discount on many of the products available which you hardly and did on other websites.
  3. Flipkart sells only good quality, branded, and nondamaged product only.
  4. It has tie-ups with multiple courier services. It can deliver most of the products to most of the areas in time. The delivery service is also professional.
  5. Flipkart launched clothing, sportswear, and cosmetics range which are of the best brand in the market.
  6. Allows easy and quick access to information.
  7. Downloading music quick and easy.
  8. People can check,  purchase products, talk to people, and much more online.
  9. easy to track material.
  10. Immediate online status of the purchase order.
  11. They have a huge number of products in multiple categories. They have millions of book available even before launching with an option of pre-ordering.
  12. Sometimes free delivery or no delivery charge.
  13. A good discount is available for any type of products.
  14. 24*7 availability.

Cons OR Disadvantages of Flipkart:

  1. The service is not up to the mark in villages when compared to the urban areas. Sometimes they take a lot of time to deliver products in rural areas.
  2. The minimum order for free home delivery has recently been raised to 500/-. Some sites, on the other hand, are doing it for a lot less.
  3. They only deliver goods within India; there is no service available outside of India, even if you pay a premium. The service is also unavailable in some parts of India.
  4. Over-dependence on amazon for a new idea.
  5. Customers are also surprised when products are shipped but the packages are empty. The customer’s services do not respond properly to this. They demand evidence that it was never shipped.

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