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Advantages and disadvantages of M-Commerce

M-commerce is electronic commerce that occurs on a mobile device also known as Mobile Commerce. It is a term that was initially introduced in 1998 by Duffy during the launch of the global mobile commerce forum. M-commerece delivers electronic commerce services worldwide to the hands of a customer using wireless technology. It can help to make easy and safe transactions at any time anywhere in the globe. So here this article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of M-commerce to better understand this topic.

Advantages or pros of m-commerce:

  1. M-commerce eliminates the need to stand in a long at a physical store location. For the rural markets, m-commerce will also remove the need to travel to a physical location to purchase something.
  2. It provides a very convenient ad easy to use a system to conduct business transactions.
  3. As long as an individual owns a mobile device ad a cellular or internet connection, they are potential for any e-commerce platform.
  4. Mobile commerce has a very wide reach. A substantial portion of the world’s population has a cell phone in their pockets, so the scale of the demand is immense.
  5. M-commerce also allows companies to approach consumers according to their location, service provider, device model, and various other requirements. This can be a good marketing tool.
  6. The cost of the company also reduced. This is due to the streamlined process, now transaction cost, low carrying cost, and low order processing cost as well.
  7. Moile is the only technology which is now become necessary for any person in social and business life than a computer.
  8. M-commerce is beneficial for both types of business large scale and small scale.
  9. You can contact with the world for 24 hours. In addition, it also provides you with more convenience, speed and credibility.
  10. It is also provide marketing and advertising, mobile financial services, mobile entertainment, and mobile auctions, and also location and search services.

 Disadvantages or Cons of M-commerce:

  1. WAP and SMA limited to a small number of character ad text.
  2. Use of graphics limited.
  3. It requires faith in the product.
  4. The existing technology to set up an M-commerce business is too much expensive. It has a great start-up cost and many complications arise.
  5. Standard guiding application ad technology development and connection.
  6. The small screens of most devices still limit types of files and data transfer.
  7. It offers a lack of personal touch.
  8. It requires an app or website to be working.
  9. In developing countries, the network s and service providers are not reliable. It is not suitable for data transfer.
  10. Less functionality for moile internet over the mobile phones and existing generation of handheld than for mobile computers.
  11. Then there is the issue of security. There are many questions regarding the confidentiality of the private data of the client. It is rather intimidating to have the risk of a data leak.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this article on the advantages and disadvantages of M-commerce then do comment in the comment section below.


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