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Advantages and disadvantages of thermal printer

Thermal use of chemically treated paper that becomes black when heated. The thermal transfer printer uses a heat-sensitive ribbon, in which the print head melts onto the paper. So here this article gives the advantages and disadvantages of the thermal printer to better understand this topic.

Pros or Advantages of thermal printer:

  1. Low noise.
  2. High printing speed.
  3. More durable compared to other printers.
  4. No involvement of cartridge or ribbon and thus organization can save investment by using thermal printers.
  5. More efficient and it becomes faster in printing monochromic ones compared to other forms of printing.
  6. Printing clear.
  7. More durable compared to other printers.
  8. Easy to operate.
  9. No cost for ink or tonner.
  10. Quiet operations.
  11. Longer life because there are few moving parts.
  12. Easier to use as there are fewer buttons and use of software involved.
  13. It is Largely inexpensive and comes in various models and their sizes.

Cons or Disadvantages of thermal printer:

  1. Unlike standard printers, a thermal printer usually does not print our colour.
  2. Paper has a short shelf life.
  3. If they become too heated to operate, and the ink consumed would be more and the printing process may not be precise.
  4. Paper is expensive.
  5. Printhead could be harmed by the high heat used while printing, often resulting in the cost to repair when it breaks down.
  6. The paper must be stored at room temperature.
  7. The image is of poor quality.

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