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Advantages and disadvantages of speech recognition

One of the most important biometric technology called Speech recognition technology has become an increasingly popular concept in recent years. This technology is widely used for various advantages it provides. It allows documents to be created because the software generally produces words as quickly as they uttered. Which is usually much faster than a person can type. So here this article gives the advantages and disadvantages of speech recognition to better understand this topic.

Pros OR Advantages of speech recognition:

  1. Voice commands are a far more efficient tool than typing a message.
  2. Voice recognition and speech activation is being developed for a whole myriad of reasons.
  3. Lower operational cost.
  4. Voice can communicate emotions.
  5. VUI constantly evolving and has come leaps and bounds from older software once produced for companies’ customer service centres.
  6. It reduced cost and error.
  7. This technology solves inefficiencies and reduces wasted time.
  8. Speech recognition may be possible to reduce overtime hours for transcriptionists and/or stop outsourcing clinician dictation to outside firms. It is more efficient for everyone to save money in the process.

Cons OR Disadvantages of speech recognition:

  1. Difficult to build a perfect system.
  2. Speaking is loud and invites noise to others.
  3. Filtering background noise is a task and it is too much that can even be difficult for humans to accomplish.
  4. This biometric is sensitive to environmental conditions such as background noise.
  5. It doesn’t keep privacy it does not suit a crowded environment.
  6. Error and misinterpretation of words.

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