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Advantages and disadvantages of pattern recognition

The method of identifying patterns using machine learning algorithms is known as pattern recognition. However, this approach is known as data classification based on prior knowledge or statistical information derived from patterns or their representation. In addition, pattern recognition’s use potential is one of its most significant features. As a result, this article discusses the benefits and drawbacks. So here this article gives the advantages and disadvantages of pattern recognition to better understand this topic.

Pros or advantages of pattern recognition:

  1. It solves categorization problems. In addition, it solves fake biometric detection problems.
  2. Extensively applied in the medical field and robotics.
  3. By using this one can identify a specific type of object from a dissimilar angle. In addition. this is used to recognize the clot pattern for visually damaged blind people.
  4. Classification problems can be solved using pattern recognition.
  5. DNA sequences can be interpreted.
  6. It assists within speaker diarization. In addition, it can recognize a particular object from different angles.

Cons or Disadvantages of pattern recognition:

  1. This kind of recognition is difficult to execute and it is an extremely slow method.
  2. Pattern recognition  cannot clarify why an exact object is identified. In addition, this recognition requires a bigger dataset to acquire enhanced accuracy.

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