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Advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce

E-commerce makes it possible to open the door of their very own virtual stores. Selling online makes it easier for small, specialized stores ad in rad outlets to reach a wide audience. And just like a traditional business, e-commerce has its advantages and disadvantages. So here this article gives the advantages ad disadvantages of E-commerce to better understand this topic.

Advantages or pros of E-commerce:

  1. Promoting featured products on e-commerce is easy.
  2. E-commerce customers aren’t limited to geography.
  3. Easy to showcase bestseller.
  4. Customers get a less invasive experience.
  5. Low financial cost.
  6. Can scale the business quickly.
  7. Online stores are always open for business.
  8. Affordable employees.
  9. Ale to process a high number of orders.
  10. Persoalized online expereice.
  11. Easy to retarget or remarket to customers.
  12. Gain accesses to customers data easily.
  13. Grow your business organically with content.
  14. Faster buying/selling procedure and it is easy to find products.
  15. More consumer coverage, there are no potential geographical limits.
  16. Better quality services.
  17. No need for physical company setups.
  18. Easy to start and manage a business.
  19. Reducing resource hiring ad training costs.
  20. Avoid some human error when dealing with customers.
  21. Electronics payment tax refund, public retirement ad welfare support.
  22. business can use electronic commerce to identify ew suppliers ad business partners.
  23. Customers can conveniently pick goods from various suppliers without going anywhere physically.
  24. E-commerce increases the speed ad accuracy with which business can exchange information, which reduces costs o both sides of transactions.

Disadvantages or Cons of E-commerce:

  1. You need to ship your products.
  2. Lack of personal touch.
  3. The physical retailer is still more popular despite the decline.
  4. While purchasing online, the customers can’t try before they buy.
  5. E-commerce is highly competitive.
  6. Customers can be impatient.
  7. Unsure about the quality.
  8. Sometimes the late delivery problem.
  9. The site crash issue is a major problem.
  10. Some products are difficult to purchase online.
  11. E-commerce websites can record all the data like phone number, name, debit card detail. The security issue is a major problem.
  12. If you are not good at bandwidth connection that time you might face issues with placing orders, loading page too.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this article on the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce then do comment in the comment section below.


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