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How are the QR codes unique?

Some points on how QR code unique OR How QR code differs from other scannable codes are as follows. You can also check out the advantages and disadvantages of QR code to know more about it.

How QR code differ from other scannable codes?

  • The most common form of code that most people see is UPC codes that have been used. They are used in most consumer goods.
  • They are scanned by the cashier. The reason that the barcode was invented was to save people time. Instead of typing numbers into a PC, the computer could scan the barcode.
  • In those cases, the barcodes contain the same number listed at the bottom of the UPC.
  • To scan those barcodes through you need a special scanning device, which most people don’t have.
  • While the best one is to QR code were designed to allow people to scan using devices they do have. Primarily their phones.
  • That is the QR code was designed to be easy for a computer to scan using the camera.
  • QR code has some additional benefits compared to the UPC code. For example, a QR code can be used to trigger an action like open a website to make a phone call or it may add information to someone’s contact list.
  • Barcode holds information only horizontal direction where QR code flexible with both horizontal as well as vertical directions.
  • QR code is useful for both customers and for businesses too.

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