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What are the limitations of online shopping?

Some of the points of the limitations of online shopping are discussed below. Also, find out some advantages and disadvantages of shopping online.

Limitations of online shopping:

  1. One of the biggest disadvantages of online shopping is that this shopping the product is a delay in delivery sometimes.
  2. Lack of interactivity in online shopping.
  3. You cannot bargain.
  4. Lack of pf significant discount in an online shop.
  5. You have to lack touch and feel merchandise in online shopping. In addition, we can not touch the product.
  6. Lack of shopping experience.
  7. Sometimes returning the product.
  8. Online shoppers do not get to take benefits of seasonal statewide tax-free shopping events.
  9. Frauds in online shopping.
  10. Sometimes hidden the cost and shipping charges.
  11. Restocking and shipping costs are often charged on return.
  12. Online shoppers do not have the ability to physically inspect or try on the item being considered for purchase.
  13. Item ordered online are sometimes back-ordered, but shoppers may not find out until weeks later. Additionally, this is particularly problematic when buying gifts.
  14. Online shoppers often do not have a person to talk to when dealing with a problem.


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