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Positive and negative aspects of QR code

QR codes are easy to use anywhere and anyplace. It can be easily created with a free QR code generator and can be just as easily read from any direction with a simple smartphone application, apple phone, or a dedicated 2D barcode scanner. Now here this article gives the information about some positive and negative aspects of the QR code in this article. You can also check out the advantages and disadvantages of QR code to know more about it.

Positive aspects of QR codes:

  1. Anyone can make the QR code.
  2. All you need is a free QR code generator and several of them float around the internet.
  3. Very quick transfer of the information. Since the introduction of the DSL internet and now the 4 G mobile network, people have become very accustomed to getting information very quickly.
  4. Most of the QR code generator is almost free, making the actual codes is inexpensive. Printing materials will also tend to cost fairly small. Since they can be used on stickers or business cards. Stores will print their QR codes in ads which they already invest in.
  5. People can scan a QR code to do things like entering contact information or store a coupon on a cellphone. Instead of having to carry paper coupons, people just scan a QR coupon and have it available on their phone.
  6. Each QR code is unique, which means that it is easy to track. When customers can access your QR code in different locations, you can see which location draws the most traffic.
  7. It relatively small in size. This makes the codes perfect to put on business cards, there’s a little room in a corner of an ad, either on a coupon or wherever. These codes may be much smaller than the details found therein. So instead of putting a long hideous, URL on an ad or resume, just placed a short QR file.
  8. QR code can be printed on paper or display digitally, which means you can put them anywhere. If you own a restaurant and recently launched an app, add QR code on the menu. If you have an app with a clothing company, demonstrate your code outside the store.
  9. With QR codes you can get creative, as they have a lot of different applications. Social apps like Whatsapp and Snapchat have a great example of creative QR codes.

Negative Aspects QR codes:

  1. Transferring data between two devices will often trigger security problems. The scanner will never really predict where the code would take them before scamming a file, either.
  2. Potential for over usage, Marketer should be aware that placing a QR code absolutely everywhere can be overkill.
  3. Anyone can make a QR code. This is both a con and a positive too. Since anyone can make it, there is really nothing that extremely special about one, so people are going to have to think outside of the box when thinking of ways to customize them.
  4. QR code cannot be manipulated very much to look pretty. Some generators allow for the colour of the QR code to be changed and some companies have to found ways to integrate their logo into the QR code, but the code usually still ends up looking very much like a barcode since it must contain those four basic square.

You can read the article on positive and negative of QR code. If you have any query regarding this topic do comment in the comment section below.


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