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What is the uses of QR code?

QR codes are easy to use anywhere and anyplace. It can be easily created with a free QR code generator and can be just as easily read from any direction with a simple smartphone application, apple phone or a dedicated 2D barcode scanner. Now let us discuss some uses of QR code in these articles. You can also check out the advantages and disadvantages of QR code to know more about it.

Use of QR code:

  1. QR codes are used for your business card. It will be used for your print advertisement.
  2. QR will be used for your business stationery and events.
  3. This will use for the link to your youtube video. In addition, it will be used on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace IDs, Link it to Facebook profile or Twitter account.
  4. In recent years this will also be used for a coupon.
  5. Great for the visitor who wants to learn more about the artist, the time period and the reaction to the photo. It could also include the link to other work by the artist, related artists and even the ability to buy the image on a mug or poster at the museum shop using these codes.
  6. Each QR code can go toa PURL called personalized URL.
  7. QR codes can appear as people interact with your kiosk, whether it is available at the mall or your place of business.
  8. This code also is used for the product, contact, offer, event, and competition details, etc.
  9. QR codes on a bus stop, train stations, and subway stations. This will be using a quick scan and would give you real-time information next bus, train or subway would arrive.
  10. Have your QR codes generates an email that starts an autoresponder, sending daily emails fills with lessons and related information.
  11. Build your subscriber base by having a quick response and links to an email signup box.
  12. QR codes can appear as people interact.
  13. Whether residential or commercial for sale signs could include codes that had all the information a sell-sheet includes, plus video walkthroughs and all the information related to the sale.
  14. This would create some real engagement as the user would have to put together with the puzzle before scanning the image.
  15. Give shopper quick access to recipes that include the ingredient they see on the shelf.
  16. You could information about the farm, organic vs conventional growing, best-by dates, etc.
  17. Is that piece of clothing really sustainable? Let’s have quickly scan and see its story.
  18. For college or some other company or institute use QR code for upcoming conference signage. The next name of the upcoming sessions in each room would be the QR code so you could get the full description, full information, speaker bios and see if there any room left.
  19. It would be nice to be able to get info about the vineyard and maybe buy a case of that bottle we enjoyed at the restaurant.
  20. One example might be an offer for a car wash, the URL would give you the discount code and to the car wash offering the deal.
  21. At the bottom of all the newspaper and magazine articles, you could quickly get to the new version and see the comments that other readers had left.
  22. Linked to drink recipes this would be especially good for new drinks you are bringing to market.
  23. The company is customizing this with a unique vid attached to QR codes.
  24. Quick link to video, review, and feedback on the website.
  25. Scan the picture wins free iPod.
  26. Ar bars, clubs and anywhere else you have to use QR code to play music.
  27. On the wedding invitation instead of RSVP cards.
  28. Scan a code, learn what that doohicky does.
  29. QR code uses for a preview of the movie.

You can read some uses of QR code in the different industry here. If you have any query regarding this then do comment in the comment section below.


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