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What are the uses of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence was a branch of computer science concerned with intelligent behavior. It has also been used for real-time applications in the field of healthcare, education, engineering, and defense. Artificial intelligence is now an advanced field and help in building an artificial human thinking power that solves specific tasks. Let us check some uses of artificial intelligence. You can also check out the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence to know more about it.

Points on uses of artificial intelligence:

  1. AI has been involved in a deep interest in the field of marketing. Nowadays we would choose an online store for purchasing products, but sometimes it went difficult to find the right. But now we can search for the right products with its relative product as a search engine just read our mind and gives us more appropriate results.
  2. Application of AI in the finance sector for predicting or forecasting future trends by estimating the past data. Thus, we can increase the productivity.
  3. AI applied its presence in the banking sector also and provide customer support through conversational Chatbot application. AI also rescues us from online and credit card frauds.
  4. It has a great change in the field of health care too. To prevent the risk of heart stroke, an organization developed a clinical support system.
  5. Virtual assistance who use artificial intelligence helps in most of the daily life problems. Switching on a fan to LED lights uses AI technology. Google also uses AI to perform such tasks such as booking, manage schedules, etc. Thus, they provide good digital assistance.


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