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Difference between barcode and QR code

Some points on difference between QR code and barcode are as follows. So let us check out difference between them. Also, find out some advantages and disadvantages of QR code to know more about QR code in details.

What is Barcode?

Barcode is a basically one-dimensional form of information. They are made up of black lines of varying thickness and different numbers. When mounted on a surface these codes are easily read by a scanner. To recognize the size, we are used to seeing those labels on items. But they can be used to monitor, sort and administer all kinds of objects.

How to use Barcode?

Barcode can only be read horizontally, which is why they are considered one dimensional. Barcode is generally read with a barcode scanner, although there is some smartphone application that can also do this. As compared to the QR codes, but their simple design means they are ideal for strong forward text like name, price of weight. Some of the most common uses include handling inventories or stocks and building an asset monitoring program. We can create the custom barcode for a variety of uses like you can customize the size, number, and materials used to suit different applications.

What is a QR code?

QR code called a Quick response or matrix code, It is a two-dimensional version of a barcode. Traditionally information from a barcode is read horizontally.  While with a QR code, information can be read both vertically and horizontally. This means the QR code can hold a larger volume of complex information.

How to use a QR code?

QR code has many applications available to download for a smartphone to allow users to scan QR codes from their device, and some of the newer smartphones even have QR code readers built into camera function.  QR code codes are very useful to share complexes like email addresses, video or even location data.

They way they are designed also allows for customization. Like you can include logo’s in the code himself, and choose whether you’d like them printed in black and white or colour. QR codes are great for having workers or consumers interested and giving your mark or tag a future.

The main key difference between Barcode and QR code are listed below:

  1. Barcode is referred to as a single-dimensional barcode while the QR code is a type of 2-dimensional barcode.
  2. QR code has a larger capacity for strong than the barcode.
  3. Barcode stores the information vertically while the QR code store the information both horizontally and vertically.
  4. QR has no data correction while the barcode has data correction.
  5. Barcode depends on the database while the QR code is independent of the database requirement.
  6. Both barcode and QR code is a way of storing information using a geometric figure so they can be retrieved by optical devices.
  7. Barcode can store only alphanumeric data.  Whereas the QR code store numeric characters, other language symbols, pictures, voice, and other binary information.


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