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Why QR code is better than Barcode?

Some of the points Application of QR code vs barcode are as follows. Also, find out the advantages and disadvantages to know more about QR codes.

Which is better? QR code or Barcode?

  • Barcode is a one-dimensional numeric code, while the QR code learns these codes are two-dimensional code. It capable of storing horizontally and vertically.
  • QR contains a lot of information within them. From giant corporate organizations to the next-door grocery store, everyone can create their own QR code.  They also attach them to their products.
  • QR code also has correction abilities. This meanwhile if your QR code is incomplete due to being covered by dirt or scratches. There is a higher chance that it can still be read, in comparison to a barcode.
  • QR code can be read in any direction, they are much easier and quicker to scan.
  • The QR codes hold up to 7100 characters of the data, rather than the much love number which barcode hold. Barcode has only held up 20 characters.
  • Barcodes on items we purchase are not unique. This means that if you have three of the same item. They will have the same barcode. This means a problem if you wish to use your item’s barcode to track assets individually. While in QR code can be used to give a unique identity to assets.
  • The real fact of the QR code can get damaged. Can be useable also a crucial factor in asset tracking.
  • Convention barcode can take up to ten times the amount of printing space. As a QR code carrying the same amount of the information. QR code is capable of being read 360 degrees from any direction. Thus eliminating any interference and negative effects from backgrounds.
  • And last if you are weighing up between the barcode or QR codes. We did always recommended QR codes as being the better investment. As they offer uniqueness, can contain more data and crucially are likely to last longer.


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