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What are the risks and challenges of Big Data?

Some of the points on Big Data risks and challenges are as follows. Also, find out the advantages and disadvantages to know more about Big Data.

Risks in Big Data:

  1. The biggest risk is the storing of data and subsequent future analysis of unstructured data. Thus, it generated flawed results.
  2. Data theft is one of the most growing areas of crime. As the bigger data the biggest opportunity to hack all the data. Hence, Data security and Data privacy is the biggest concern.
  3. With the use of Big Data real-time data can be complex.
  4. Big Data is predictive in nature. Thus, sometimes it draws inaccurate conclusions.
  5. Organizations must make sure that they have an adequate license to not infringe on third party intellectual property rights.
  6. As the data is a valuable commodity. In addition, with the use of Big Data competition authorities may prioritize investigation.
  7. Inaccurate Big Data may create an analytical bias. In addition, unconditionally discriminate individuals based on ethnicity, age, or, gender.

Challenges in Big Data:

  1. The biggest challenge that many companies face with Big Data is how to manage the large volume of data.
  2. Compliance is also one challenge. There are a number of regulatory restrictions that are impacting the effective use of it.
  3. Nowadays different varieties of Big Data technologies available in the market. Thus, confusion between those varieties is the challenge.
  4. If you work your project with the use of Big Data. You paid lots of money for your project.
  5. The process of converting Big Data into valuable insight is very tricky.
  6. There is a complexity in managing Big Data quality.
  7. Any organization that works with Big Data needs Big Data professionals. As a result, driven by the demand of Big Data professionals.

You can read the risks and challenges facing Big Data technology. If you have any queries regarding this then do comment in the comment section below.


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