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Challenges of big data in healthcare

Big Data is turning out to be one of the toughest and emerging technologies used in the healthcare industry. For healthcare organization that successfully integrate data-driven insight into their clinical process. So, in this article, we will discuss what are top challenges face when booting up a Big Data program. Also, you can check the advantages and disadvantages to know more about Big Data.

Some points on the challenges of Big Data in healthcare: 

  1. The data comes from somewhere for many healthcare providers does not come always with impeccable data governance habits.
  2. Healthcare providers are familiar with the importance of cleanliness in the clinic. But it may not be aware of how it cleanses their data.
  3. As the volume of healthcare data grows exponentially, so healthcare providers are no longer able to manage the costs and impacts on the premise data centre.
  4. Data security is the biggest priority for healthcare organizations. From the fishing attacks to malware to laptops accidentally left in the cab, healthcare data is subject to a nearly infinite array of vulnerability.
  5. The healthcare data has a long shelf life, particularly on the clinical side. Data may also be reused or re-examined for other purposes, such as measuring quality or benchmarking performance.
  6. The Big Data makes it easier for any healthcare organizations to query their data. The ability to query data is a basic need for reporting and analytics. But, they must overcome a number of challenges before they can engage in meaningful analysis of Big Data.
  7. Reporting is the prerequisite for analysis. Thus, data must be extracted before it can be examined. Thus, reporting of data is also the main issue for healthcare in Big Data.
  8. A clean and engaging data visualization can make much easier for any healthcare organization to absorb data and use it appropriately. Thus, organizations must also consider good data presentation.
  9. Healthcare data is not static. Most of the elements will require relatively frequent updates. So, it must be updating frequently is a big challenge for healthcare.
  10. Data sharing with external partners is essential. Thus, make data sharing smoother is a big concern for healthcare.


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So, you can read the important challenges Big Data technology face in the healthcare organization. If you have any query regarding this post do comment in the comment section below.

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