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Benefits of Big Data in manufacturing industry

Predictive manufacturing offers downtime and efficiency near to zero. It takes a large amount of data and sophisticated analysis software to turn a structured data process into usable knowledge. Let us discuss points on the benefits of using big data applications in the manufacturing industry. You also check out the advantages and disadvantages of big data to know more about it.

Points on the benefits of using Big Data in manufacturing:

  1. Supply planning
  2. Support for mass customization of manufacturing
  3. Increase the efficiency of energy
  4. Output forecasting
  5. Manufacturing process defect tracking
  6. Testing and simulation of new manufacturing processes
  7. Product quality and defects tracking
  8. Reduce wastage resource
  9. Enables well-informed decision in real-time
  10. Predicts the risk of downtime
  11. Needs for forecasting staffing
  12. Predicts workload
  13. Improve supply chain management
  14. Detect the presence of a safety issue
  15. Predict needs of maintenance and repair


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