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Tablet PC Advantages and Disadvantages

A tablet PC is a laptop or slate formed mobile computer. It is a touch screen that can be controlled with a digital pen or finger touch. A tablet pc does not require a keyboard mouse. End-user directly keys in data on a tablet PC. This tablet PC also offers greater mobility than a conventional laptop. So here this article gives the advantages and disadvantages of tablet pc to netter understand this topic.

Pros or Advantages of Tablet PC:

  1. Tablet is portable.
  2. It has an attractive design.
  3. Can be laid flat on the note-taking.
  4. A flexible In screen.
  5. Small weight lighter than most laptops.
  6. Ideal when you are in a conference.
  7. Smaller in size.
  8. A power full pen recognition.
  9. You can also continue and finish their work while in transit.
  10. Gesture recognition.
  11. Connection to the internet from anywhere.
  12. XP-compatible regular application can run on the tablet PC.
  13. Tablet PC  which can serve as an organizer to professional with much less paper on hands.
  14. The handwriting recognition.
  15. Use as interactive teaching aid tutorial and external student consultation.
  16. It can e used as a GPS navigation device.
  17. Basically offer the same functionality as a normal computer.
  18. Traditional keyboards are much more comfortable.
  19. It provides a very powerful audio recording.
  20. Ease and comfort and ease of use.
  21. Weaker capabilities.
  22. A multi-touch tablet provides to permits you to interact with all the subject matter material quickly.
  23. Good for a project presentation.
  24. You can connect a keyboard to a tablet computer ut it is less portable in such configurations.
  25. Longer battery life.
  26. No boot process.
  27. As an effective learning and teaching enhancement tool.
  28. Surfing the when is much healthier within the tablet.

Cons or Disadvantages of Tablet PC:

  1. It has a higher cost.
  2. Weaker capabilities.
  3. Hardware is prone to damage.
  4. Traditional keyboards are much more comfortable.
  5. Do not come with an optical drive for use with CD/DVDs.
  6. The screen size is too small in comparison with the laptop.
  7. Cannot embrace massive amounts of data.
  8. Lack of the keyboard for data entry.
  9. Can not play in the game.
  10. Difficulties to work on the small screen as compare to the larger screen size of the laptops.
  11. The main disadvantage is that the LCD screen is one of the most expensive parts to replace on a tablet PC.
  12. Less number of ports.
  13. Expensive internet access plans.
  14. Input with the tablet PCs become solver than those with the laptops.
  15. Ineffective for the cognition of complex engineering concepts.
  16. Tablet computers are prone to problems like crack, dead pixel, blown backlight bulb and, bad sensors.

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