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Applications of minicomputer

Use or Application of Minicomputer:

  1. The main application of Minicomputer was business accounting.
  2. Many companies ad their sub-department uses Mini computer. So that is the reason,  it can upload the task of a device called the mainframe computers.
  3. A network of minicomputers can be created which allows a large library with its different 2 branches. Which is to build its own internal network. This network is more powerful than handled by a large-scale computer.
  4. The application may use ATM, payroll, Insurance claim processing, Hosptial patient registrations.
  5. Their area where mini-computers have been traditionally applied in information handling are:
    • Circulations,
    • Cataloging,
    • Acquisitions,
    • Information retrieval,
    • Series control,
    • Communications,
    • Management etc.


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