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Advantages and disadvantages of quantum computers

Quantum computers are one type of computers which uses quantum mechanics to perform computations. In classical computers, such as minicomputer, microcomputer process data in the form of 0 and 1 while in quantum computers this form is extended. It can store and the process data in qubits. It can process data in 01 or 10 forms. one qubit is equal to two bits. Qubits values are calculated based on OR, AND, and NOT gates. Let us check out the advantages and disadvantages of quantum computers here in this article.

Pros OR Advantages of quantum computers: 

  1. The major advantage is a quantum computer execute any task very fast as compared to other computers.
  2. The atoms changes in quantum computers are much faster than any other computers.
  3. The qubit used in quantum computers is the conventional superposition state, thus it gives exponential speedup which is resulted by handle number of calculations.
  4. The classical algorithm calculations are performed easily.
  5. It can solve very complex mathematical problems.
  6. Faster computation.
  7. For the data simulation computing the quantum computers are the best.
  8. Different types of disease can be diagnosed and tested in scientific laboratories using this computer. Thus, they can work better in medical industries.
  9. Quantum computers also used by Google to refine searches. Now every search on Google can speed up by using this computer. Using this most relevant results can be populated.
  10. Quantum computers can make high encryption and is good at cryptography.
  11. Quantum computers can also be used in making radar missiles. The accuracy of radar weapons increased by using this computer.
  12. Quantum computer can make the decision more precisely than other computers. Thus, scientists can do better research using these computers. This computer also performs well in artificial intelligence.
  13. This computer also used machine learning technology for improving outcome. Users can use less code and uses the machine learning process.

Cons OR Disadvantages of quantum computers: 

  1. The major disadvantage is computing technology required to implement a quantum computer is not available at present. The research for this problem is still continuing the effort applied to identify a solution to this problem.
  2. The current systems include the lower life span of qubits, huge cost, need for specialized knowledge to maintain and occupy large space for the cooling system.
  3. The set of issues you might wish to solve using a quantum computer is huge compared to the tiny set that it has been shown can be solved more efficiently.
  4. It needs to write a new algorithm for every type of computation. Quantum computer can not work as a classical computer, they need a special algorithm to perform a task.
  5. The process is done in this computer is very deep so it needs a temperature of -460 degree Fahrenheit. It is very difficult to maintain this temperature.
  6. The price range is very very high. Thus, not open for public usage.
  7. Internet security is a major concern. If a quantum computer is implemented in the best way then whole security breaks. This is due to these computers can decrypt all the codes on the internet.

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