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Disadvantages of minicomputer

Over the last few years, we have seen the rise of minicomputers, a device with the processing power of a regular programming computer but far smaller in size. The mini PCs uses are may. Expect to see them everywhere, in homes and businesses alike. So here this article gives the disadvantages of Minicomputer to better understand this topic.

Disadvantages or drawback of minicomputer:

  1. Some mini-computer don’t have USB ports.
  2. Generally, there is not much storage on board.
  3. Minicomputer does not have any CD/DVD drive.
  4. The keyboard can e small for fast typists.
  5. The dedicated graphics card is missing.
  6. It can be too small a device to do certain projects.
  7. While using Mini computer, some hardware intensive applications it is only of limited use.
  8. The user may note familiar with the operating systems.

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2 comments on Disadvantages of minicomputer

  1. I would also say most CPUs in the mini pc type desktops are mobile type soldered to board. You probably will have little or no internal expansion slots. On the positive side many are fan less designs and so very quiet on a desktop. I have a mini pc but it’s not a primary pc. I use it to test OS and apps. I figure if it runs well on a tiny box pc it will run on anything.

  2. Most of this information is totally erroneous.

    • All of them have USB ports. Usually 3.1 or 3.2.
    • There is as much storage as you want. Most standard office PCs come with 512GB or 1 TB SSDs; these do also.
    • Granted, they do not have DVD drives. No need for them today.
    • The keyboard can be small for fast typists?? Are you kidding me? If they come with a keyboard at all (which most do not), it’s going to be a standard size keyboard.
    • The dedicated graphics card is not “missing”! They simply have onboard graphics, just like almost every office PC available.
    • “It can be too small a device to do certain projects.” That is correct. You cannot easily use it as a foot-rest, and may have to invest in a dedicated device for that purpose.

    I really can’t go on. Look, there’s a range of options in mini-PCs, just as there is in standard desktop PCs. You can get high-end or low-end processors, with a lot of memory and storage, or a little. You can get with Windows 11, or with some version of Linux if you like. They are generally not great for high end graphics. But for a business computer, or a standard PC for general purpose use, there’s no problem with them.

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