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Advantages and disadvantages of supercomputer

Supercomputers can be used to play games, R&D, and render high-quality computer graphics. Supercomputer requires special maintenance intended to keep them cool. They consume a prodigious amount of electricity. More advantages or benefits of a supercomputer are very great. So here this article gives more information regarding the advantages and disadvantages of a supercomputer to better understand this topic.

Pros OR Advantages of a supercomputer:

  1. This supercomputer can easily decrypt your password for your security purpose.
  2. It may save money.
  3. It can be used for R&D.
  4. More organizations use this computer part-time.
  5. The supercomputer has the superb power of reading the animation in an excellent result.
  6. A Supercomputer solves bigger problems.
  7. It runs more problems in a shorter time.
  8. This allows for virtual testing.
  9. Protecting the environment.
  10. It has the advance graphic capability.

Cons OR Disadvantages of a supercomputer:

  1. It can be expensive.
  2. It requires trained staff.
  3. This computer does not replace physical testing.
  4. Takes up a lot of space.
  5. The bandwidth of data does not synchronize with the device’s hard drive storage. So the speed processing is too much disturbed.
  6. May only be good for specific applications.
  7. High power requirement
  8. They heat up quickly, due to a large number of processors as well as the load on devices.
  9. In this device, the major issue of heat-up problems, So Most of the devices get damaged quickly.
  10. Supercomputers need water cooling in addition to an A/C system, it produces more heat during the processing time.
  11. It requires more maintenance.
  12. It is not useful for broad applications.
  13. Need massive external storage for huge data.
  14. A supercomputer requires a lot of electricity to run. A supercomputer like a summit can consume energy equal to 5000 houses.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this article on the advantages and disadvantages of Supercomputer then do comment in the comment section below.


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