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Similarities between java and javascript

There are some similarities between them due to fundamental programming concepts, they represent two very different worlds that go by the same name but are very different from one another. Javascript is much easier and more robust than Java. Javascript is fast, as it gets executed in the browser. Here this article gives the similarities between Java and javascript.

Similarities between Java and Javascript

  1. Both languages are also usable for server-side programming.
  2. A developer is required for both Java and javascript in order to code objects and their connections to one another.
  3. Programming languages like Java and javascript can be used when creating front-end websites. For instance, Javascript which is implemented as a library or a framework can be directly inserted into HTML.
  4. Both programming languages need a variety of plug-ins.
  5. There are numerous library and framework options for both Java and javascript that can help developers in a variety of situations.
  6. Both can run the server and browser.
  7. Both languages have a lot of online support communities.

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