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Application of Javascript

One of the important benefits of javascript is it is very fast, simple, and user-friendly and it also reduces the server load, so it can be used in many computer applications. Javascript has numerous applications in various fields. Some of the applications of javascript is as follows:

  1. Web application
  2. Game development
  3. Mobile applications
  4. Websites
  5. Application for server and web servers
  6. Presentations
  7. ART
  8. Application for smartwatches

Applications of Javascript

Let us have look at the application of javascript and these are as follows

Web application

Because browsers are getting every day, javascript has become more and more popular for building dependable web applications. We can comprehend it by using Google Maps as an example. Users of maps only need to click and drag the mouse to reveal the details, clicking makes them visible, behind these ideas is the use of javascript.

Game development

Game development is one of the keys used for javascript. The game is available in 2D/3D. We can build a web game with the aid of some javascript game engines, such as Physics and pixi.js. Among the games created in javascript are, tic tac toe, snake, and Hangman.

Mobile applications

Without a web context, we can use javascript to create a complete mobile application. Developers can now create applications for both iOS and Android using a single piece of code to react native. Javascript code is created by react native using node .js.


Javascript on websites enables you to add behaviours so that the page reacts to user actions without having to load a new page for request processing. It enables the websites to communicate with users and carry out complicated operations.

Application for server and web servers

Javascript is used for more than just front-end programming. Both the back end and the creation of these web servers use the nodeJs framework. As a result, javascript and node.js are running on the server. NodeJs can create an HTTP server because it has an HTTP module. High-scaling server development is the focus of nodeJs. One of the best javascript can be found here. Javascript function extremely well across all operating systems, so node.js runs flawlessly on MAC, Linux and Windows.


Making presentations can be more enjoyable than creating PPTs. Javascript has an answer for this issue as well. Use the javascript libraries reveals and bespoke to create this slide. It can be seen that one of the main benefits of having such deployed presentations is that everyone will have access to them through a single link and on any device. All CSS styling and HTML designs are supported by these frameworks.


One of the new elements in the HTML5 specification, the canvas element, allows the browser to render three-dimensional spaces. The browser is now a new resource for digital projects as a result.

Apps for smartwatches

Pebble, a well-known maker of smartwatches, has developed pebble.js, a compact javascript framework that enables programmers to create javascript applications for pebble watches.

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