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Difference between augmented reality and virtual reality

Some of the difference between augmented reality vs virtual reality is as follows. Also, you can check out the advantages and disadvantages of augmented reality and the advantages and disadvantages of virtual reality to know more about it.

Difference between augmented reality and virtual reality:

  1. Augmented reality is a combination of real and virtual worlds, while virtual reality creates an entire virtual world.
  2. Augmented reality lets people interact with both real and virtual worlds. It distinguishes between the two. While in virtual reality is hard to differentiate between what is real and what is not.
  3. AR is experienced by using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. While VR is experienced by wearing VR headsets.
  4. Augmented reality user remains in the real world, while in virtual reality are transported into a new world.
  5. Augmented added relevant information to the existing real world view. While in virtual reality incorporated heavy graphics to create a virtual environment.
  6. AR is often used for demonstrations, interior architecture, and interior design, and planning. Whereas VR is used in sports, medicine, games, and military, etc.
  7. AR can physically move in the environment, while in VR users cannot physically move in the environment.
  8. The purpose of AR is to enhance the experience by adding virtual components. Such as digital images and graphics as a new layer of real-world interaction. But in the purpose of VR is to create its own reality that is completely computer-generated.
  9. AR users are present at the location of the experience, but VR users are not at the location of the experience.
  10. AR users can move, rotate, scale, and manipulate 3D objects in the real world. While in VR users can move to rotate and scale 3D objects in the virtual world.
  11. Users of AR maintain a sense of presence in the real world. While in the VR sense of users is under the control of the system.

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