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Features of JavaScript

One of the most widely used languages, javascript has many useful features for web development. Javascript has a simple and very fast syntax, without any setting, anyone can execute javascript programs also it reduced server load & make them user-friendly. Here this article gives many features of javascript like it is scripting, interpreter, function design, event management, platform independence, and also it is case sensitivity. So let us understand one by one.

We will understand the features of javascript


The client-side script is run in the browser by javascript.


Javascript code is interpreted by the browser.

Functional design

This suggests that javascript employs a functional approach. In JavaScript, functions can also be passed to other functions and used as objects.

Event management

Action is events. There are options for event handling in javascript.

Platform independent

This suggests that javascript is portable, or platform-independent, which simply means that you can write the script once and run it whenever and wherever.

Case sensitive

Javascript pays close attention to cases. There is only one consistent capitalization rule that all keywords, variables, function names and other identifiers can and must abide by.

Control statements

Javascript has control clauses like loops, switch cases, and if-else statements. These control statements enable users to create intricate code.

Prototype base

Javascript that uses prototypes adheres to object.prototype functions rather than class inheritance.

Handling data and time

Javascript, in contrast to other programming languages, comes with built-in functions to calculate the date and time. As a result, coding is made very simple by using methods like.getdate().

Asynchronous process

The asynchronous nature is provided by javascript async await and promising features. The parallel operation of the processes speeds up processing and increases responsiveness.

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