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Pros and cons of dress code

Clothing is just one of the ways for students to express their personalities and ideas. It can be a way to show the wealth of their family. That is why many schools around the world struggling with the idea of dress codes and school uniforms. School dress codes balance the need to provide a safe educational environment with freedom of expression to students. The pros of dress code are enhance punruality, focus on study, and promoting sence of security. The cons of dress codes are limit creativity, cost, and poor reputation for some schools. You can check the pros and cons of dress codes in this article below.

Pros of dress code

  1. Allows students to focus on study rather than clothing.
  2. It lessens the amount of teasing in the classroom.
  3. Easier for students to get ready. Thus, enhancing punctuality.
  4. It creates a disciplined atmosphere.
  5. It can promote a sense of security.
  6. Help school administrator to identify potential strangers on campus.
  7. Encourage inclusivity and cooperation while avoiding individualistic attire.

Cons of dress code

  1. It can limit the creativity.
  2. It can be costly depending on how strict the code is.
  3. The dress code rules sometimes not enforced properly.
  4. It can create poor reputation for some schools.
  5. Religious and cultural intolerance is increase by dress code rules.

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