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Pros and cons of mixed economy

A mixed economy is a system that combines market, command, and traditional characteristics. It enjoys the benefits all three while suffering from a few of a drawback. So here this article gives the Pros and cons of the mixed economy to better understand this topic.

Pros OR Advantages of mixed economy:

  1. The most important benefit of a mixed economy is that it encourages the private sector and allows it to flourish properly.
  2. It has a greater chance for the government to implement good policies.
  3. Inefficient business behavior controlled.
  4. Completitionkeep prices low.
  5. State provides the essential services.
  6. The private sector encouraged profit.
  7. Consumer choice is provided.
  8. It can concentrate on social welfare, political freedom, and individual liberties.
  9. More job investment coming in safe haven from poverty.
  10. Balance of needs and wants to be met by the government and in the marketplace.

Cons OR disadvantages of mixed economy:

  1. Less efficient than the private sector.
  2. Excessive control over business activity can increase costs and discourage entrepreneurship.
  3. Limited corporate size.
  4. Government going too far.
  5. Challenge of finding balance.
  6. Because they are subsidized by the government, some government-owned industries are allowed to operate inefficiently.
  7. The government may regulate the economy so tightly that this dampens the free enterprise spirit.
  8. When the government intervenes in the market to set price control, this may either cause excess demand to exceed supply which can be costly to regulate.
  9. Taxes that are too high reduce the incentives to work hard or make a profit.

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