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Pros and cons of privatization

Privatization involves selling government-owned assets to the private sector. It is argued that the private sector tends to run a business more efficiently than the government because of a profit motive. In addition, if the government needs money, it can sell some assets to the private company. It can make sense for a variety of different reasons and have popular in the recent past. Yet, there are many problems with privatization. Thus, in this article, you can check out the pros and cons of privatization to understand more about this concept.

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Pros of privatization:

  1. The most important pros of privatization are that private companies often operate in a much more efficient way compared to the government.
  2. Privatization may also accelerate our overall technological process.
  3. Another benefit is that it may lead to a less bureaucratic work cycle.
  4. Privatization attracts highly qualified employees because ambitious people who aspire to a demanding corporate career often want to go for a career in the private rather than in the corporate sector since they will have more room to contribute their ideas and innovations.
  5. Private companies will also be able to pay higher wages on average than the government.
  6. Another benefit is that it might lead to better product and services quality.
  7. In government-owned companies controlling instances may be far less efficient. But in private companies, there are many controlling instances in place that aim to detect unlawful behavior.
  8. There are chances that product prices will decrease because of a higher level of competition and a higher level of efficiency in the private sector.
  9. With privatization, an additional source of income for the government.
  10. Lobbying is a big problem that may lead to many unpleasant decisions of policymakers when it comes to government-owned corporations. The influence of lobbyists can be lowered for private companies.

Cons of Privatization: 

  1. The one problem with privatization may not be suitable for important infrastructure projects.
  2. Another downside is that energy supply may be threatened in case of private companies will own the energy supply system.
  3. The medical sector is another industry that should not be privatized. If we privatize too many companies in the medical sector, chances that are might be shortages in the supply of medical equipment, which may translate into serious health issues for the general public.
  4. Due to privatization, there are chances that education levels may become lower.
  5. Privatization can be harmful if the business has a monopolistic character.
  6. Government companies may be sold too cheap to a private corporation in some cases.
  7. The government will only get a one-time payment when they sell a private company. Yet, if not sell then the government would get dividend payments into perpetuity.
  8. Privatization sometimes may not be feasible due to regulatory restrictions.
  9. Private companies act in a profit-maximizing manner and therefore, some jobs may be lost through privatization. If some workers are no longer needed, the company will quite often simply fire those workers.
  10. Privatization may need the foundation of additional supervisory departments.
  11. Government companies are often meant to act in a manner that benefits the general public, while private corporations may solely have the goal of profit maximization in order to benefit their shareholders.
  12. Due to privatization, fragmentation of pubic infrastructure may lead to serious problems.
  13. Privatization may cause major problems, especially in a market with many interconnections and interdependencies, because company responsibilities may become unclear.
  14. There might also be far too few regulations in place, in some cases.

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