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Features of Virtual Reality | Key facts of VR

Some points on the features of virtual reality are as follows. Also, you can check out the advantages and disadvantages of augmented reality and virtual reality to know more about it.

Some point on the key features of virtual reality are: 

  1. Users can walk around the property and the inside flats in a virtual environment from their home.
  2. A web-based application that can be accessed by anyone across the world.
  3. Interactive gaming like the experience of the user to view the whole project.
  4. A 360-degree panoramic image that is integrated by multiple panoramic images is provided. Interactive elements are included.
  5. A pair of VR glasses are required for an impressive experience.
  6. Evokes the sensation of physical risk.
  7. Impressive experience is provided. In addition, users can walk around and actively create visual angles.
  8. Actions raised in the first person. In addition, it is an indirect evaluation in real-time.
  9. The timeline is flexible. Additionally, It can be extended based on the visual angle which is independently explored by users.
  10. Physiological measurement during the performance.

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