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Advantages and disadvantages of NCC

The advantage of NCC is that it allows adolescents to develop their personality and character through discipline, teamwork, and adventure activities. The disadvantage of NCC is that it requires a lot of dedication and commitment from the cadets which may be difficult for some. So here are the Advantages ad disadvantages of NCC. 

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Advantages of NCC:

  • A spirit of selfless service and working in an organization is fostered, as is the significance of NCC’s own principle.
  • The NCC is a well-known organization that also serves as a second line of defense. Many young people in India are trained in because they are directly related to the ministry of defense.
  • NCC cadets learn to be proud of themselves and training also strengthens their sense of identity as Indians. This helps them prepare to join the forces and give their all when the country needs them.
  • There are 32 spots reserved for cadets with an NCC certificate who have obtained 50% in their graduation and at least a B in their C-level exams. If all of this is sufficient, they are entitled to SSC without ever taking a CDS written exam. They only need to pass the SSB interview.
  • The selection of 5 cadets for participation in the national festival is also significant and authentic, as it is impacted by the work of NCC cadets.
  • NCC provides an opportunity for the youth to develop their personality and character through discipline teamwork and adventure activities.
  • The success and benefits of all NCC initiatives are connecting with the mainstream of patriotism within the youth of the country and society and being motivated toward social service for community development.

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Disadvantages of NCC:

  • Even in remote sections of the country and society, where there is a shortage of transportation and government programs, people are unable to access them. NCC’s community initiatives, which are largely concentrated in urban areas, do reach out to underserved communities.
  • The training provided by NCC is not suitable for those who are looking for a career in the armed forces.
  • There are no specific losses in these NCC campaigns, but there are some shortcomings, such as NCC’s inability to raise awareness about public and social issues such as unemployment and poverty.
  • The training provided by NCC is very rigorous and demanding and not suitable for everyone.

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